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Handmade Books

map journal
A journal I made for my friend. The cover was made with a fairly thick leather, which I coated with petroleum jelly to darken the color and give it just a little more of a worn-out look (though it’s hard to see in the pictures). For the design I used a wood burning pen, and since I didn’t have leather dye, I used watercolors to color in the continents (though next time I’ll be sure to use actual leather dye, as I’m afraid the watercolors may fade). My mom kindly sewed on the button and strap for me. :3


baymax keychain
A Christmas present for my sister. ^^ It was made with some polymer clay that I had on hand (I’m not sure what kind exactly), and painted over with acrylic paint. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put any kind of protective coating over it. I got the little hook from a piece of broken jewelry, and stuck it in the clay before baking.