Today’s my sister’s birthday, and her two characters which I’ve painted below–Bear the gryphon and Misty the wolf pup–are quite proud of the mud-cake they made for her. :3 This is actually a reference to a story she wrote on her website, Misty n’ Friends ( It’s kind of a flexible mix between an online … More Mud-Cake

Papa Bird

Hullo! Hope you guys had a good Father’s Day. :3 This here’s a sketchy card I drew for my dad. When it seems like the growling stomachs of hungry chicks will never be satisfied, Papa Bird saves the day yet again! 😛 By the way, this was the first time I used a fountain pen … More Papa Bird

Betsy & Ginger

Hullo! Sorry about the long silence. I’ve been working on a commission for two of my neighbors, (My first official commission, actually. Woohoo!) and I ended up putting more time and effort into it than I expected. But hopefully it was worth it! I drew their two dogs, Betsy (the corgi/husky mix) and Ginger (I … More Betsy & Ginger

Rose Sketch

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day, even for those of you who just take it as an excuse to eat chocolate covered strawberries (that would include me, heheh). 😛  A bit late for me to bring up Valentine’s Day, I know, but I meant to release this post sooner. Sorry about that! … More Rose Sketch