Rose Sketch

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day, even for those of you who just take it as an excuse to eat chocolate covered strawberries (that would include me, heheh). 😛  A bit late for me to bring up Valentine’s Day, I know, but I meant to release this post sooner. Sorry about that! I promise March’s post will be on time. :’3 But anyway, this is a sketch that I whipped up in late January for a card. I thought it would kind of suit the month of February. I hope you like it!

rose sketch

As you can see, my signature here is a bit different, since I used my name instead of the name of my studio. That’s because I drew this for someone I knew, and they don’t really know about my studio yet. I read somewhere that it’s better to stick to one signature, though, so I’m wondering if I should sign all of my artwork like this, or sign all of my artwork with the name of my studio. Or maybe it doesn’t really matter, and I can just continue doing both. If you have any advise, let me know in the comments! ^^


2 thoughts on “Rose Sketch

  1. Very nice! I think my skill level looked a bit like this when I was…18? So this is really good!

    My only critique would be to define all 3 roses equally. At the moment the two larger ones fade a little at the edges, and it would really make them pop nicely if the edges were defined more like the unopened flower in the corner.

    Doing this would also guide the viewer where to look first. The darker petal on the left and the unopened blossom stand out, so when I first looked at it my eyes jumped between those two, then stepped back and took in the whole picture.

    The position of the flowers towards the corner is good. Good composition 😀 so overall it balances out well, and I didn’t know anything about that sort of thing until rather recently.

    As far as your signature goes, I wouldn’t be too concerned just yet. 🙂 artists are better remembered by their names instead of a studio name, because names are relatively constant. But of course you always want to be careful with your name online, so a studio name is just fine.

    There are also plenty of authors and music artists who have pen names and such, so it’s really up to you later on down the road. 🙂


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