2016 Art Summary

At last, I’m back! I survived the holidays, which I hope were enjoyable for you all (they were very enjoyable for me). ^^ Sorry this website is at a bit of a–ahem, well, a very slow start. In case you’re wondering, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to post at least once a month, usually around the beginning of each month (so I released January’s post just in time). And I would also like to start doing yearly art summaries, which is what this blog post is for. πŸ™‚

To start off, I made this in the January of 2016 as a belated digital birthday card (of sorts) for a friend of mine. :3 I used Photoshop Elements, but I was experimenting with a sketchier, more pencil-like style for the lines.

kitten with presents

Next is a birthday card I made for my dad. ^^ It was drawn with a standard wooden pencil. In case you’re wondering, that’s Sulley, our dog. Don’t worry, he’s never caught a duck in his life, and I don’t think he ever could. πŸ˜›

dog with duck

A quick style test. I’m not sure if it’s worth featuring here, but I’ll include it anyway. ^^ And just as a fun fact, it was originally intended to be used for a business card.


A business card I made for my brother. He came up with the name for the business (OJ Odd Jobs), as well as the logo–which, I have to admit, is pretty clever. xD I just illustrated it on Photoshop Elements. πŸ™‚

OJ logo

This might look very familiar to some of my viewers, and for good reason, because it’s my business card! The bottom picture features the back of the business card, which was painted with watercolor paints and outlined with a standard pen. The top picture, the front of the business card, was made with Photoshop Elements. In case you’re wondering what the horse is doing there, that’s Pasha, Color Vine Studio’s mascot! You’ll find out more about her in another blog post. :3

Color Vine Studio business card

This year I also decided to give bookbinding a try, which led me to making this journal for a friend. The cover was made with a fairly thick leather, which I coated with petroleum jelly to darken the color and give it just a little more of a worn-out look (though it’s hard to see in the pictures). For the design I used a wood burning pen, and since I didn’t have leather dye, I used watercolors to color in the continents (though next time I’ll be sure to use actual leather dye, as I’m afraid the watercolors may fade). My mom kindly sewed on the button and strap for me. :3 This was one of the first journals I made, which explains why I had to improvise sometimes (nyeheh).

map journal

A birthday card for my sister. :3 Made with a standard mechanical pencil. Or maybe it was a wooden pencil…I can’t remember.

snail with flower

Fast-forward to December, when I drew (or started drawing) this. ^^ It was made with Photoshop Elements, and I was going for a little more of a “clean” look. One of these days I would like to color it. πŸ™‚

cat and fox in the snow

Later on I made a scrapbooky Christmas card that I was quite happy with, but I’m afraid I don’t have a picture. So I made another Christmas card based after it, which I can’t say I’mΒ  as pleased with. :’3 It was great for practicing watercolors, though!

Mary and Joseph riding to Bethlehem

This key chain was a Christmas present for my sister. ^^ It was made with some polymer clay that I had on hand (I’m not sure what kind exactly), and painted over with acrylic paint. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put any kind of protective coating over it. I got the little hook from a piece of broken jewelry, and stuck it in the clay before baking. And as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, that’s Baymax, from Big Hero 6. xD

baymax keychain

And that’s all! I hope you liked it. Check back later for February’s post, which is coming up soon! Also, I’m very open to (constructive) critique, so if you have something to say, the comment box is down below. πŸ™‚


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